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Senior Field Application Engineer, Industrial

Resonant Link

Resonant Link

Boston, MA, USA
Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024

Resonant Link is transforming the charging experience across industries and leading the movement to electrify work, logistics, transportation, and patient care. Our mission is to provide fast, safe, and reliable wireless power to help people, businesses, and the planet thrive, and more specifically, to:

  1. Power fleets while they work: enable material handling equipment like forklifts and robots to achieve 24/7 uptime. Resonant Link envisions a future where wireless chargers are integrated into the stops that already exist during fleet operation (think pick stations for robots or loading docks for forklifts), saving time, saving money, and protecting the planet through smaller batteries, smaller fleets, and more efficient power distribution and energy storage.
  2. Eliminate drivelines and risky battery replacement surgeries, forever: eliminate unnecessary surgeries, enable new therapies, and elevate existing treatments with the world’s smallest, fastest, patient friendly wireless chargers for implantable medical devices like neurostimulators, pumps, and pacemakers.

As a Senior Field Application Engineer, Industrial at Resonant Link, you’ll play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between our cutting-edge, wireless charging technology and our customers. You’ll be the go-to expert for understanding customer requirements, providing technical solutions, and ensuring seamless integration of our products into their systems. You will serve as a trusted advisor to customers and will represent the voice of the customer internally, providing feedback to our internal teams to drive product improvements and innovations.

On an average day, you’ll…

  • Partner directly with customers to understand their technical challenges and provide expert guidance, support, and solutions.
  • Lead RL’s customer support during the initial customer evaluation and guide and advise RL and the customer on plans and solutions for pilot and fleet/production scale deployments.
  • Investigate and resolve technical issues that customers encounter during product integration or operation.
  • Create valuable pre-sale and post-sale content that creates better customer experiences and creates efficiencies and multiplies the effectiveness of our sales team.
  • Work closely with our sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and product development teams to advocate for customer needs and ensure we Deliver on Every Promise for our customers.
  • Perform product demonstrations to showcase capabilities and assist customers in evaluating our solutions.
  • Conduct training sessions for customers and internal stakeholders to deepen understanding and maximize product utilization.
  • Create technical documentation, application notes, and FAQs to support customers and enhance their experience with our products.

We’re committed to building a healthy, collaborative culture - and to help us deliver on our mission, we’re looking for empathetic problem solvers and team leaders, with a passion for solving challenges at the boundary between scientific innovation and productization. If you get energized by working at the intersection of people, process, and technology, we’re excited for you to bring your expertise, creativity, and leadership to the team!